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    Next-Generation Automated SDN Solution


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    Key Features

    As the Internet-of-Things (IoT) era comes, the needs of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication greatly arises accordingly. New IoT applications are expected to be developed based on such M2M networks. New technologies such as Big Data analysis and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are also expected to drive these applications into next stages with the power of data science. As an important IoT system infrastructure, abundant M2M connectivity could generate new impacts to the networking system, such as:

    • Management/control of the networking of many IoT sites
    • Management of large numbers of heterogeneous IoT devices
    • Varied network quality needs with dynamic flexibility
    • Security issues on IoT devices

    To fulfill the aforementioned requirements in the IoT worlds, EstiNet provides the IoT Network Solution to simplify the management process of IoT networks. The core of the IoT Network Solution is the EstiNet IoT Network  Controller, which is responsible for controlling EstiNet Edge switch and EstiNet IoT Access Point (AP), to provide a commercial-grade, highly-reliable IoT Network  platform. Over our IoT Network  platform, network administrators can control and manage network devices in a policy-based manner. Compared with traditional networks, which usually requires network administrators to set up devices one-by-one, EstiNet’s IoT Network  platform allows them to set up the network with fewest policy-making steps for automatic network operation. In addition, based on real-time needs of IoT devices, EstiNet IoT Network  platform is capable of dynamically adjusting network resource assignment in real time. This provides high-quality, reliable, and extensible networking systems for large-scale IoT networks, which demands efficient ways to network management and dynamic resource adjustment.


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