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EstiNet SDN Network Simulator and Emulator

  • Model No.:EstiNet 9.0 (Ethernet + Wi-Fi)
  • Made in:Taiwan
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Most friendly SDN/OpenFlow Simulator


  • Operating Systems Supported:Linux
  • Products Status:Stock
  • Version Type:Enterprise,Internet,Trial

Key Features


EstiNet network simulator and emulator originates from NCTUns. NCTUns had been used for network-related research and publication from 2002 to 2011. It became a commercial software on 2011 and was renamed EstiNet. EstiNet's network simulation environment includes physical layer, media access control layer, network layer, transportation layer and application layer. In addition, EstiNet's user-friendly GUI provides users a convenient way to construct a simulated network and a visual display for simulation result observation and debugging.

Key Features and Benefits

Integrate Linux kernel’s protocol stacks

Linux kernel’s TCP/IP & UDP/IP protocol stacks are directly integrated in simulated networks to provide real layer-3 and layer-4 protocol behavior for network applications.

Compatible with real-world Linux network applications

A Linux-based network application program, that can be run up on a real Linux network device, can be directly run up on a simulated network device. Running real programs reflects real network applications’ behavior in simulated networks. This helps to develop and test applications’ functionalities in simulated networks. It also helps to use real network applications to test newly-invented or modified lower-layer protocols and mechanisms.

Interact with real-world network devices

When turning a simulator into an emulator, a simulated network/device can interact with a real-world network/device. An emulator builds a testing network field consisting of physical and virtual devices. The software functionalities of a physical device can be developed and tested in the testing field.

Major Functions

Wired Network Features
  • Simulated Switch, Hub, Router and Host Devices
  • IEEE 802.3 Protocol & Spanning Tree Protocol
  • OSPF & RIP Routing Protocols
  • FIFO, DRR, and RED Buffer Management Models
Wireless Network Features
  • Simulated WiFi AP & WiFi STA Devices
  • IEEE 802.11a/g/n Protocol with EDCA
  • ADV, AODV, DSDV and DSR Routing Protocols
  • Channel Models
    • Traffic Flow Classification for QoS
    Network Traffic Generators
    • Linux-based Traffic Generators
      • Greedy TCP/UDP Traffic
      • Constant-bit-rate UDP Traffic
      • Scenario Playback UDP Traffic
      • User-defined Tx Pattern UDP Traffic
    • EstiNet Module-based Traffic Generator
      • User-defined Tx Pattern and Packet Format Traffic
    Emulation Mode
    • An emulator builds a testing network field consisting of physical and virtual network devices. These two types of device can interact with each other for testing purposes.

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