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EstiNet E-Central - Controller / Network Management App Series / SDN Solutions / SDN Platform

  • Model No.:E-Central
  • Made in:Taiwan, ROC
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Next-Generation Automated Enterprise SDN Solution


  • Operating Systems Supported:Linux
  • Products Status:Stock
  • Version Type:Enterprise

Key Features

Traditional network management for enterprise is complex and costly for reasons: e.g., different policy enforcement required by a variety of devices; role-based access control of a large set of devices; fast and accurate trouble-shooting capability required upon failures in networks; and more dynamic QoS provisioning needs from applications such as VDI, video conferencing, and video surveillance. To provide a more intelligent, higher-quality, and easier-to-use networking, EstiNet is delighted to deliver the EstiNet E-Central solution for our enterprise customers. E-Central is a next-generation network control solution specifically designed for small/medium-scale enterprise environment. E-Central supports state-of-the-art Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technology and operates with SDN-enabled switches to deliver new flow-level automated networking functions that cannot easily be provided by traditional solutions, while interoperating with legacy network devices. E-Central operates based on the EstiNet Central Framework (ECF), which contains a commercial-grade, centralized, and reliable network controller platform and supports the OpenFlow protocol, which is the current de facto SDN southbound control standard.

Over ECF, EstiNet’s SDN applications/services and enterprise-level legacy/hybrid SDN switches can be quickly deployed to provide enterprise network connectivity, services, prioritized access with efficient resource utilization. ECF is open-architected; applications from  the third-party and customers can be deployed on it, greatly increasing the agility and extensibility of the deployed network infrastructure. EstiNet E-Central allows network administrators to configure the whole network with minimum settings on a central portal and manage/monitor the network in an automated, programmable, and responsive approaches in real time.


The EstiNet E-Central software solution delivers the following key features to enterprise customers:

  • Auto-provisioning of IP device settings on the network side
  • Dynamic end-to-end QoS provisioning for each application flow
  • Automatic abnormal traffic detection and quarantine
  • Accurate and responsive network health monitoring
  • Fast network device locating and management
  • Docker container network function virtualization

In addition, advanced Layer-3 Network Function Virtualization (NFV) can be optionally included, such as virtual DHCP server, virtual AAA server, virtual router, and policy control modules.


For more information http://www.estinet.com/es/?page_id=20634


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Main Export Market

Asia ,North America


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