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An SDN-based Network Simulator with OpenFlow-enabled Switches, computer, network switch.

  • Model No.:EstiNet 9.0 OpenFlow Add-on
  • Made in:Taiwan
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An SDN-based Network Simulator with OpenFlow-enabled Switches


  • Operating Systems Supported:Linux
  • Products Status:Stock
  • Version Type:Enterprise,Internet,Trial

Key Features


OpenFlow module is an optional add-on to EstiNet network simulator and emulator. In an SDN (Software-Defined Networking) network, OpenFlow, as a control protocol, is used between a controller and a switch. With this add-on module, a simulated OpenFlow-enabled Ethernet switch can support in-band control plane or out-of-band control plane through which it is controlled by a controller or multiple controllers. A commercial or open-source controller software can be used to control the simulated OpenFlow switches directly in a simulated SDN network. To comply with OpenFlow protocol, the simulated switch also supports the operations of flow table(s), group table and meter table.


Key Features and Benefits

Support OpenFlow-enabled Switches

Multiple simulated OpenFlow-enabled switches can be connected together to form an SDN network in the simulation environment. By developing SDN controller applications to use switch resource, the functionality and scalability of newly-invented SDN applications can be tested and evaluated under this environment.

Compatible with Real-world Controllers

A Linux-based SDN controller program can be directly run up on a simulated SDN network to control those simulated OpenFlow-enabled switches. If the given controller is not a Linux-based software, the emulation mode of EstiNet can support the interconnection between an emulated SDN network and the given controller. The simulated/emulated SDN network helps test the functionalities of SDN controller application and debug the design flaws and operation errors.


Major Functions for SDN Network

OpenFlow Message Operations
  • OpenFlow v1.3
    • Controller-to-Switch Messages
      • Multiple-Controllers Operation
    • Asynchronous Messages
    • Symmetric Messages
OpenFlow Table Operations
  • OpenFlow v1.3
    • Flow Table
      • Multiple Flow Tables
      • All Match Fields but OFPXMT_OFB_PBB_ISID
      • All Instructions & Actions

Per-table Counters & Per-flow Counter

  • Group Table
    • 4 Group Types (all, select, indirect, and fast failover)
    • Per-group Counters & Per-bucket Counters
  • Meter Table
    • 2 Band Types (drop and dscp remark)
    • Per-meter Counters & Per-band Counters
  • Port
    • All OpenFlow Ports but Optional Reserved Ports
    • Per-port Counters


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