E-Central: Cloud-based Central Software-defined Networking SystemEstiNet 9.0 SDN Openflow Network Simulator 1EstiNet enterprise sdn network solution E-Central: Cloud-based Central Software-defined Networking System sdnEstiNet 9.0 SDN Openflow Network Simulator 2

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EstiNet Network Simulator

Overview EstiNet network simulator and emulator originates from NCTUns. NCTUns had been used for network-related research and publication from 2002 to 2011. It became a commercial software on 2011 and was renamed EstiNet. EstiNet's network simulation environment includes physical layer, media acces

SDN-based Network Simulator with OpenFlow-enabled

Overview OpenFlow module is an optional add-on to EstiNet network simulator and emulator. In an SDN (Software-Defined Networking) network, OpenFlow, as a control protocol, is used between a controller and a switch. With this add-on module, a simulated OpenFlow-enabled Ethernet switch can support in

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Providing cross-generation network automation solutions

Today, the Software Definition Network (SDN) has become the mainstream architecture of the future of Netcom system, its concept affects the overall network market.

ESTINET TECHNOLOGIES INC. in 2011 by the professional network simulation software started. Was expanded into a network solutions company in 2013 to develop software and network-based products and solutions that provide efficient and complete services for cloud data centers, service providers and small and medium-sized businesses.

We take full advantage of the energy of the open source community, consolidate upstream and downstream partners to create an open architecture platform for our customers to provide easier to use, more intelligent, more efficient automated network. The EstiNet Central Framework (ECF) architecture, which integrates SDN-enabled switches and combines high-performance software to define web applications, provides customers with a diverse and open, cost-effective, cross-generation software definition network.

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